Rozdhan Invite Code [13FETR] 2023 Get upto Rs50

Are you looking for an easy way to earn money online? Look no further than Rozdhan – a popular app that lets you earn money by completing simple tasks. And if you use the Rozdhan Invite Code, you’ll get access to even more rewards and bonuses!

The best thing about the RozDhan app is that if you enter a Rozdhan Invite Code 13FETR after downloading the app, you will immediately receive up to 50 rupees. In addition, every day you open the app, you get coins that can be converted into money later.

What is Rozdhan App


Rozdhan is a money-earning app where you can earn money in many ways, and also get access to read trending articles and watch viral videos available in more than five Indian languages.

This app gives you many opportunities to earn money while also entertaining you. You can earn money by reading articles, playing games, completing tasks, and simply opening the app every day.

In this app, you are given certain tasks to complete, and upon completion, you receive coins that are converted into money after midnight. once you create an account, you are also given an invite code and immediately receive 50 rupees.

Moreover, there are various additional ways to generate money with this application, which we will go over in more detail later. Before moving forward, let’s take a look at the full detailed article on the RozDhan app. so, that you can decide whether or not you should use this app.

Rozdhan App Download Process

To download the Rozdhan application on your mobile phone, follow the steps outlined below. :

Step 1: The first step is to click the Download Rozdhan button.

Step 2: Then, it will redirect you to the Play Store.

Step 3: After that, you can see the Rozdhan app where you have to click on the “Install” button.

Step 4: After that, you need to wait sometime for the app to be downloaded to your phone.

Rozdhan App Signup Process

To sign up, first, download the Rozdhan app on your phone and then follow these steps:

Step 1: First you have to open the Rozdhan app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Then you have to Choose the language in which you’d like to use the app.

Step 3: Click on the “Get the money” option.

Step 4:To sign up for the Rozdhan app, you will be given three options: Gmail account, Facebook account, and mobile number. Select the best choice for you.

Step 5: We will use our mobile number to sign up here.

Step 6: After this, you will receive an OTP on the given mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify it.

Step 7: Once you complete these steps, your Rozdhan account will be created.

You will receive Rs. 25 after signing up on the Rozdhan app, and if you enter a friend’s invite code, you will get Rs. 30. This means you can earn Rs. 55 just by signing up on the Rozdhan app.

Rozdhan Invite Code

Step 1: To earn ₹100 by using the Invite Code in your RozDhan app, first you need to open your RozDhan app.

Step 2: After opening the RozDhan app, click on the “Earn Money” option, as shown in the guide image below.

Step 3: When you click on the “Earn Money” option, you can easily get ₹100 by clicking on the “Enter Invite Code” option and entering our Invite Code: 13FETR.

Step 4: After clicking on any of these options, you will get the option to enter the Invite Code. Now, use Rozdhan App Invite Code: 13FETR and you will get ₹100 in your account.

Rozdhan App Refer and Earn Process

Step 1. Open the application To earn money by referring others on the RozDhan app, the first thing you need to do is copy your referral link. To do this, simply open the RozDhan application.

Step 2. Click on “Me” Once you have opened the application, you will see the “Me” option on the right side of the screen. Click on this option to prepare your referral link.

Step 3. Click on “Invite Friend” After clicking on the “Me” option, you will see an interface like the one shown in the guide image below. Now, simply click on the “Invite Friend” option here.

Step 4. Share the link by clicking on “Invite Now.” When you select the “Invite Friend” option, you will be presented with the “Invite Now” option. Simply click on this option and share the RozDhan app’s refer link with others. After sharing the link, others can download the app through your shared refer link, which will earn you money.

How to earn money With Rozdhan

1. Share the article & earn a coin: In this app, you can view all types of trends and viral articles along with articles on all categories such as Entertainment, lifestyles, sports, health, etc. This article you can share this with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc

2. Referral and invite friends: As we told you to download this app by putting in the invite code you can get 50 pounds immediately likewise if you also connect your friends with this app you also get some pounds when each friend signs up in the RozDhan app so you can also make it money.

3. Invitation code: When you use the Rozdhan app, you will be given the option of putting an Invite Code if you put the Invite code “ 13FETR” in it, you get $25.

4. Read and Share Articles: It increases your general knowledge and you also make money if you read the news and articles in Rozdhan or share it with your friends.

5. App Download and Register: In the Rozdhan App, you get to see a lot of next-type apps if you download it here and register any app you get money as coins.

6. Play Games and Earn: The Rozdhan App also has a lot of games for your entertainment that you can play and make money as well as entertainment so most people just prefer to make money by playing games.

How to withdraw money with rozdhan

To withdraw your earnings from the Rozdhan App, you need to have a Paytm account. If you don’t have a Paytm account, create one first.

Step 1. Click on the Profile option.

Step 2. Now click on the Withdraw option under the My Balance option.

Step 3. Select the To Paytm Account option.

Step 4. Enter your name and Paytm number and confirm it.

Step 5. You can enter your registered Paytm number in both options.

Step 6. Click on Confirm. After confirmation, the money will be credited to your Paytm account.

Note- You can only withdraw your earnings once they reach Rs. 300 on the Rozdhan App. It takes approximately 5-10 working days for the withdrawn amount to be credited to your Paytm account.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to earn money online, Rozdhan is definitely worth checking out. By using the Rozdhan Invite Code, you’ll get a head start on earning real money and have access to a range of exciting rewards and bonuses.

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